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Active Sport & Spine Therapy is a leading practitioner that provides TMJ pain relief through chiropractic care and other medication-free treatments.

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Little Falls TMJ Pain Relief & Chiropractic FAQs

Using a tailored approach based on our client’s specific condition and reason for experiencing TMJ, Active Sport & Spine Therapy will carefully assess the problem and provide treatment.  Often times, chiropractic care can reduce symptoms completely. It’s not uncommon for TMJ to be accompanied by headaches and/or migraines and neck pains in addition to the symptoms occurring with your jaw.

What our chiropractors will do is carefully work through the locked muscles and tissue surrounding your mouth and jaw area. This can help release the tension, stimulate nerves and release your locked jaw through realignment.

Please contact us for more information on curing your debilitating TMJ and getting back to your normal routine. Active Sport & Spine Therapy has been very successful in treating and curing TMJ and can likely help you with this problem.

No. Our chiropractors have relieved TMJ and realigned misaligned jaw through chiropractic care. And the good news is that it doesn’t hurt. If your condition is so bad that we feel it may cause pain, we will let you know and provide a more comfortable alternative. However, there is usually a great amount of relief with our treatment for your TMJ.

Dealing with TMJ or any related disorder could be as quick as one session or it may need several sessions. Please call us to learn more about visiting the office to be properly evaluated by one of our doctors.

Yes. Please feel free to visit our office. You may want to call us to set up an appointment in advance. However, if you just show up our receptionist can do her best to answer your questions.

Our address is  275 Paterson Ave Suite 202, Little Falls, NJ 07424.  You may visit our listing on Google here.  Please take a look at our location on the map below:

TMJ is often difficult to diagnose. It may be caused from arthritis, genetics or possibly even injury to the jaw.

When an individual suffers from TMJ, they may have a feeling of tightness and pain in their jaw that may prevent them from having a normal full range of motion. This can inhibit eating, talking and many other daily activities.

Most of the time, TMJ can be relieved non-surgically. Chiropractors often have great success with TMJ patients and should be the first doctor someone suffering from TMJ sees (unless they need immediate surgical intervention).

Active Sport & Spine Therapy has great success with TMJ disorder.  We would love to hear from you and assist with this condition if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort.

Customers Love Our TMJ Specialists And Chiro Care!

Samantha Ong
Samantha Ong
I had a very bad migraine which I suspected to be linked to my neck and shoulder problem last week. I am glad that I found Dr. Ramani. He was very professional and explain to me my problems very detailed and friendly. He suggested a series a treatment designed for my issues which includes joint readjustment, massage, cupping, heat therapy. The whole treatment went well and he also suggested some simple exercise that I can do at home to improve my problems. My migraine was relieved the next day, thanks to Dr. Ramani. Strongly recommended to anyone looking for chiropractor!
Ivy Joubert
Ivy Joubert
5 stars is putting it lightly! Dr.Ramani is very detailed, clear and informative. Excellent bed side manner and an even better playlist! The facility is always spotless and the atmosphere is very welcoming. I highly recommend Dr.Ramani and his team!
Brooke Shaughnessy
Brooke Shaughnessy
Very nice, professional office. I will be going back for sure.
louis gambetta
louis gambetta
The team at Active Spine & Sport Therapy is exceptional - from the accommodating nature of the receptionist to the professionalism of the Dr and physical therapist. They listen and work synergistically to adapt to the patient’s personal therapy needs. Patients feel welcome and well cared for. You will be in great hands when you go there!
Donna Del Moro
Donna Del Moro
The team at Active sports offers a unique blend of chiropractic and physical therapy that has helped me with lower back pain. Dr. Ramani and his team are thorough, compassionate and caring. They don’t just give you a bunch of exercises to do on your own; they guide you, ensuring that you are doing this exercises correctly to minimize pain.
Steve Mazzola
Steve Mazzola
I found Dr Ramani to be an excellent therapist. I was impressed with his knowledge of the body, he is above and beyond the other Doctors I have had. I can’t say enough good about him.
tim m
tim m
I feel better than I’ve felt in years , my back neck and hip are in the best shape they’ve been in a decade , i can’t recommend active sport and spine enough, the relief I’ve gotten from the treatment there is amazing
Destiny Rivera
Destiny Rivera
Dr.Ramani is very professional and caring to any concerns you may have. He explains everything thoroughly.
Patty M
Patty M
I highly recommend Dr. Ramani. He has helped me tremendously with my ever changing body issues of RA and showing concern not to over do the different areas of concern. Dr. Ramani, using different gentle modalities each and every visit, truly makes a tremendous difference in my comfort for the better. He’s the best!
Keith Figueroa
Keith Figueroa
The staff are great people and very knowledgeable. Not to mention the relief in my lower neck and mid back. I highly recommend this facility.

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