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A Few Of The Conditions We Treat

Active Sport & Spine Therapy offers effective pain treatment in Little Falls, NJ. We are able to successfully treat many different painful and debilitating conditions including the ones below. For more information on the conditions we treat please contact us today!

Back Pain

We treat back pain regularly and effectively with our services.

Neck Pain

We effectively alleviate neck pain and enhance musculoskeletal wellness.

Shoulder Pain

We specialize in treating shoulder pain and restoring optimal functionality.

Hip & Groin Pain

We offer many treatments to hip & groin pain too.

Neurological Nerve Pain

We are dedicated to relieving your pain and enhancing neural well-being.

TMJ Pain

We address TMJ pain to promote relief and improve jaw function.

Headaches & Migraines

We aim to mitigate headaches and improve cranial comfort.

Muscle Pain

We can effectively alleviate muscle pain and improve mobility and comfort.

Elbow & Arm Pain

We specialize in relieving elbow & arm pain and restoring optimal strength & function.

Wrist Pain

We address wrist pain to facilitate relief & improve overall wrist mobility and comfort.

Myofascial Pain

We can alleviate myofascial pain, promoting improved muscle function and overall well-being.

Knee Pain

We target knee pain to enhance recovery and restore optimal joint functionality.

Automobile Injuries

We address whiplash and other injuries sustained in car accidents!

Foot & Ankle Pain

We address foot and ankle pain to promote relief and improve lower extremity mobility.

Treat Your Pain Today With Active Sport & Spine Therapy!

While we can not treat every form of pain or debilitating condition, our specialists can treat a wide variety of both acute and chronic problems. Please reach out to us today and see why Little Falls New Jersey trusts Active Sport & Spine Therapy!

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