Can Chiropractic Services Help With My Sports Injury?

can chiropractic services help with sports injuries

Can Chiropractic Services Help With My Sports Injury?

Are you wondering can chiropractic services help with my sports injury? Many people ask this common question. Read on to learn everything you need to know about chiropractors and how they can help!

Chiropractors See Men’s Football Players Constantly!

I bet that you did not know that the sport that causes the most injuries seen in the chiropractor’s office is men’s football. I also bet you did not know that soccer causes the most injuries treated in a chiropractor’s office for women. With that said, when you are playing the sport, the last thing on your mind is an injury. 

However, if you do receive an injury, studies show that over twenty percent of injuries require at least seven days off work. Therefore, you should consider a chiropractor for sports injuries. Keep reading to learn how a chiropractor can help with your sports injuries. 

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How Seeing A Local Chiropractor Can Help With Most Athletic Injuries

Heal Injuries 

The best thing about a chiropractor is that they can help you after your injury or with pain such as back pain. They will often be able to restore your joint functions back to before the injury without drugs. This will allow you to get back to playing without worrying. The worry is gone because the chiropractor will reduce all your pain and even inflammation that may be seen. 

As an athlete, you are going to be putting your body under extreme pressure and stress. This is because you are training or competing. If your spine is not properly aligned, you are going to notice more pain. You will also notice more injuries as well. 

If you do not use a chiropractor, you are going to be unable to use that limb for extended periods of time. This can in return cause the inflammation to hang around longer. 

When you go into the chiropractor, they are going to reduce pressure and tension on the body. They are also going to work on different parts of the body. The cracking that you hear is the gas that is released when the joint becomes open and there is a full range of motion. 


When you go into the chiropractor, they are going to do what is known as a structural exam. This is going to look at your joints, back, ligaments, and tendons. They will determine where there are asymmetries. Most people will have many asymmetries that are not seen by the naked eye. However, each asymmetry is going to cause imbalance in your body. This can decrease performance. 

When you visit the chiropractor, you are going to be getting those asymmetries lined up. Methods such as massage, soft tissue, and tension reducing are used to help alleviate and reduce pain. 

The moment your body becomes aligned, you are going to feel better and operate better. The body will be operating at its peak. 

Reduced Injury 

Even if you do your stretches before and after the game, you are not following directions to a T. Most people will be caught up in the actual game and forget to stretch or follow other protocols. However, you should be stretching your body before a big game. 

You should be stretching your muscles and ligaments. You want to warm up and stretch your whole body. This will help ensure that you avoid injury in the first place. 

If you notice that you are not as flexible as you would like, you can go to a chiropractor. They are going to see tight muscles and joints. They are going to be able to analyze the problem and create a plan to attack the problem. 

When you engage in chiropractic care while playing sports, you are going to reduce your risk of injury. This is because you are going to be stretched out and you are going to prepare your body to be in its best working condition. 

Preventing Injury 

Keep in mind that the injury is not going to be gone after one session. You will need to keep following up with your chiropractor for optimum results. With that said, a chiropractor is going to be able to align your spine and allow you to be as pain-free as possible. 

As you are aware, you are going to see that prevention is the best way to avoid injury. That is why you should be seeing your chiropractor at least once a week to ensure that your spine is aligned. 

If you are starting new sports or a new season, visit the chiropractor to ensure that you are stretched properly and aligned properly. This will keep you away from harm and avoid as many injuries as possible. 

Wrapping Up: How Seeing A Chiropractor Can Help With Sports Injuries

Take the time to get in with a trusted chiropractor for all your sport’s needs. Knowing how a chiropractor can help you will ensure that you are staying safe on and off the field. Contact Active Sport and Spine Therapy for all sport chiropractic needs. Who knows, you might just have your best year yet because you are putting yourself first! Make sure that your body is as ready as your brain with a chiropractic visit from us today.

You should now better understand how seeing a chiropractor can help with sports injuries and we wish you all the best!

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